MSF/Doctors Without Borders Blogs

The blogs written by MSF/Doctors Without Borders volunteers are heartwrenching and inspiring!  One could get lost for days in reading the accounts of these dedicated individuals; their backgrounds range from psychiatry to engineering to nursing but one thing that they all seem to have in common is a love and respect for the people that they are caring for.   These blogs are not only inspiring, they are incredibly educational.

One thought on “MSF/Doctors Without Borders Blogs

  1. Thank you for highlighting the MSF blogs and for your comprehensive research on Dr. Orbinski. Lives being lived fully indeed.

    Interesting to read James Maskalyk’s observation:

    it is like someone took the grand tape loop of my life and
    cut out six sudan months, then glued it together again. it hasn’t
    missed a beat. the coming home jubilee is like the going away one. my friends are the same,
    my job the same, my apartment
    the same.

    am I? I can’t tell.

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