The Goodfight 10,000: Buy a Record, Save a Life!

The Goodfight, a band from Atlanta, GA, announced that they would give away 100% of the revenue generated by their new record “Good & Evil” towards providing people with access to clean water through the work of charity: water.   Charity:water is involved in building wells and training nationals to maintain those wells on 5 continents, in some of the most desperate places on earth. Find out how they are fixing the problem at charitywater.

MSF/Doctors Without Borders Blogs

The blogs written by MSF/Doctors Without Borders volunteers are heartwrenching and inspiring!  One could get lost for days in reading the accounts of these dedicated individuals; their backgrounds range from psychiatry to engineering to nursing but one thing that they all seem to have in common is a love and respect for the people that they are caring for.   These blogs are not only inspiring, they are incredibly educational.

Women fighting a “war on terror”:

Quigley and Retik in Afghanistan.
Quigley and Retik

Patricia Quigley and Susan Retik are two American mothers who were widowed on 9/11. The two women have founded an organization “Beyond the 11th” to help widows and their families in Afghanistan.

“The situation for widows in Afghanistan is desperate. While the collapse of the Taliban has resulted in general improvement in the lives of women and girls, these new opportunities are still out of reach to the Afghan widows who lost their only means of support. Illiterate and unskilled, they struggle to provide the most basic of needs – shelter, food, and clothing – for their families. International relief organizations estimate that in Kabul alone, there are 30,000 – 50,000 widows, struggling to support an average of five children on less than $16 per month. In other parts of the country, the situation is even worse.”

Learn about the documentary made about these women, and listen to them speak about why they are doing this, here: Beyond the 11th: a Principle Pictures documentary